team building


why do you need team building in the workplace?

Self-awareness is the cutting edge of corporate leadership today. What better way to reach maximum productivity in your team than by creating a high level of Self-awareness in the team and utilize those same tools to teach the each individual how to leverage each other’s unique perspectives and strengths.

"As the leader of Adventures in Missions, a missions and personal development organization that deploys nearly 900 millennials into 60 countries around the world each year, I have found no other person more gifted at equipping our leaders than Betsy Garmon. She has the ability to ‘see inside’ a person, bring them to self awareness and perspective resulting in them being able to unleash their skills and gifts for the good of others. Her investment in our our leaders and coaches is highly leveraged and has impacted thousands of people involved in our program."
Bob Mudd
President, Adventures in Missions

begin a conversation

Let’s begin a process of discovery.  Via Zoom we will discuss your current team dynamic and desired outcomes. Then we will plan the best path to achieve those outcomes. My goal is to create synergy and high productivity in your team based on your organizational priorities.