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Calm eCourse

Calm is a journaling guide to help you write and create your way through anxiety. Developed at the beginning of the pandemic, Calm includes modalities based on neuroscience, mindfulness, and creative flow that lead to a more peaceful state.



Does this sound familiar?

You experienced confusion or anxiety as our world changed dramatically during the pandemic. Many people were without resources or tools to process and cope with Unknowns properly.

Volume 1 in the Journal Through series, Calm is designed to spur your imagination and guide you through a system for exploration and inspiration. You will discover ways to process, move through, and transform periods of anxiety.

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This interactive mini-course contains:

  • prompts
  • examples
  • diagrams
  • videos
  • quotes
  • practical steps
  • downloadable resources
  • and many links for meaningful soul work and self-care.

This tool is effective for any transition in life, no pandemic needed! Get your copy today and find your way to a more centered you.

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Betsy Cañas Garmon

Betsy is the artist and maker behind Soul Cartography, self-awareness journaling. She designs safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, and heal. Betsy has over 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in the Atlanta creative community and she holds workshops on modern, visual journal keeping with a deep emphasis on sacred soul work and emotional transformation. Betsy is a certified MBTI Personality Profiler and has extensive skill with the Enneagram personality model.

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