Live Workshop Special Event

The Applied Enneagram

Bringing the Enneagram into Your Everyday Life
with Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe and Betsy Garmon
Location: TBA
Saturday, August 15, 2020

You've taken the test.

Now learn how to animate and apply the Enneagram in REAL LIFE.

NOTE: This is not another explanation of the Enneagram model.

Learn Why

We will dig deeply into the neuroscience behind the Enneagram to strengthen relationships.

Learn How

We will discuss the practicalities of handling triggers most common to your unique makeup.

Learn Who

We will unpack best practices to foster internal and external connectedness to self and others.

Do You Struggle with Making Positive Changes in Your Life?

  • Do you have muscle memory for old habits that served for a season but are causing trouble now?
  • Have you gotten consistent feedback that baffles you?
  • Are you inadvertently causing problems as a leader?

We as humans will not make the significant life changes we desire until we first understand how to apply the Enneagram to growth in our personal state of being.

Move beyond curiosity about ‘your number’ and the funny memes. We will show you how to move ahead in work and in relationships by integrating Enneagram insights into personal growth, spiritual formation, and everyday living.

This workshop is more than lecture. Space will be created to mentally reflect, emotionally connect and physically apply the concepts learned in class.

Effective inner work will always include body-based practices.

Heart, Head, & Body

Pain in life has to be addressed in applied practices that include head, heart, and body.

Dr. Jerome will walk you through the head spaces. Betsy will walk you through the heart spaces.

Both of them will show you practices that will connect you head and heart to your body, addressing your whole being.

Workshop Scope

Topic schedule and practice for the day.

*Coffee, tea, and light snacks provided

Your Facilitators

The combined knowledge, skill, and experience from these two practitioners ensure a learning experience often sought yet rarely achieved.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

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What's My Investment?

How much is low self-awareness and a lack of practical implementation costing you? Are you approaching your work and personal relationships with health and insight? A deficit in applying the Enneagram may already be costing you a great deal in both your career and your personal life.