live your genius

Listening Tools for

Creatives, Intuitives, and Mystics

Self-awareness practices for aligned living.

Many people live Life reacting to the expectations of others only to be disappointed with the results.

Learning yourself is the first step in true individuation that allows you to interact with the world around you in a healthy fashion. I show you tools and best practices for navigating your internal spaces for a healthier, happier you.

Visual Journaling

Soul Cartography

Self-awareness Journaling for Transformation

In this course, I’ll hand you practical techniques you can use to access the deep inner work you’ll be doing. You’ll play with principles like color, line, shape, composition, movement, and more. Each of the techniques will be connected to an element of soul work. In each video, I’ll teach a technique or two and talk about how I use them to access emotions, promote clarity, and make more honest life decisions.

Calm eCourse Mockup

Calm eCourse

Calm is a journaling guide to help you write and create your way through anxiety. Calm includes modalities based on neuroscience, mindfulness, and creative flow that lead to a more peaceful state.

Soul Maps

Curated, thoughtful communications that promote Growth, Restoration, and Inspiration for your soul.