I help map the intersections between your personal growth and your life design. If you feel ‘stuck’ or you lack clarity and direction in your personal or business life, I can help via coaching, online learning, and other tools designed with your unique story in mind. We do this together by discovering what lights you up, reframing inaccurate information you’ve been given, shrinking the monsters that have held you back, validating your intuition, and giving you the confidence to forge a new path that will leave your nay-sayers slack-jawed. Hence my motto:

Know Your Self. Be In Your Life.

With your journey in mind, I’ve developed several tools to assist in your Self-Awareness learning process. Soul Cartography is the first tool I recommend.  Simple courses and more in depth studies are currently in the works.

The most powerful, personalized solution to your unique story or team dynamic, unraveled and reimagined using personality models and my Visual Mapping process. I’ve helped hundreds of people find new direction, sometimes prompting very dramatic transitions in their lives and team personality.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty and interact with other humans. My Soul Cartography Live Workshops have been growing and evolving over the past 15 years to become a key catalyst for individual growth while in the company of others on the same journey. We literally have a budget for tissues and Cava. Life transformation is the standard. We grieve and we celebrate!


Watch The Video Series:

Watch all 3 videos to discover the meaning of self-awareness journaling, explore the science of this practice, and more about how Soul Cartography can change your life.

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