Intuitive Creativity Coaching

Accelerated growth into self-awareness and breakthrough.

What do you do at a crossroads or transition?

That moment when you realize you’re in the wrong place. You lack clarity and confidence. You feel confused, ashamed, or conflicted. You don’t trust your intuition or your body. How do you find your way through change? Suddenly you realize you’re in a fog.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Everyone can hear their ‘inside voice’ or trust themselves when they slow down the Speed of Listening. They can find their way to rhythms and practices that work best for them.

When you get your “Who am I?” question right, all the “What should I do?” questions tend to take care of themselves.

Richard Rohr

excerpt from Falling Upward

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Learn to navigate your internal spaces with a guide who can lead the way.

  • Journaling Expert
  • Certified MBTI Profiler
  • With Deep Enneagram Experience

You can do this!

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Confusion and disorientation will cost you. Are you navigating transitions in work and personal relationships with health and insight? Navigating the road alone may already be costing you a great deal in your satisfaction, contentment, and connections. Don’t go it alone!

Know Your Self

Single Session
$ 197
  • 1 x 1.5 hour sessions
  • Unique, hand drawn sessions notes after each session

Be In Your Life

$ 597
  • 3 x 1.5 hour sessions
  • MBTI/Enneagram Review
  • Recover from burn-out
  • Unblock stuck creativity
  • Unique, hand drawn sessions notes after each session

Know Your Self

$ 997
  • 5 x 1.5 hour sessions
  • MBTI/Enegarm Full Evaluation
  • Testing Included
  • Unique, hand drawn sessions notes after each session

the legal stuff

Betsy Garmon promises the client that all information provided to her will be kept strictly confidential.

Coaching Relationship
Throughout the working relationship, Betsy Garmon will engage in direct and personal conversations. Each client can count on Betsy to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The client should understand that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate that belief.

Based on the understanding that Betsy Garmon is not a medical professional or financial adviser, Betsy Garmon may suggest referrals to other professionals where appropriate. Betsy Garmon is primarily concerned that the client receive the best of care and advice which at times may be outside the scope of coaching.


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This information shown on the website or expressed during sessions is intended to be general information with respect to common Life issues. Information is offered in good faith – you do not have to use this information.

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Personal Coaching Sessions are for adults 18 or older that reside in the United States only.

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